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World Down Syndrome Day - Number Videos

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In order to celebrate WDSD and to connect with other families/schools we are publicly sharing some of our School Outreach Service activities and ideas during March 2021.


To say a huge thank you to the local charities Stepping Stones, Andover Twenty 1 and Portsmouth DSA who have continued to fund this School Outreach Service for their members we ask that you help us to say thank you by donating to these local charities using the Virgin Money Giving page. Donations are optional and at your discretion, we would suggest £5 or whatever you can afford.  All money raised will automatically be dispersed equally between these three charities. Without the continued funding from these charities, these videos would not have been possible.







Number Videos & Resources


Early number activities 1-10


Numicon ordering

This video demonstrates working on the order of numbers 1-5 using the Numicon. Of course this activity could also be done with the numeral cards to support understanding of the number sequence.


Video: Numicon ordering

Resources: Large number line 1-10



Number towers (value)

This activity is working on developing early understanding of the value of numbers starting with 1-5. The number line is used to support counting and the building of the towers allows the child to clearly see the relative size of numbers.  


Video: Number towers (value)

Resources: Large number line 1-10



1 more 1 less

Here we look at the working on visually supporting 1 more and 1 less, linking to the number line. (you might want to start with one more initially and once consistent, introduce 1 less)


Video: 1 more 1 less

Resources: 1 more/less board with labels



Number bonds to 10

This example shows some ideas for working on number bonds to 10


Video: Number bonds to 10



Working on 2 and 3 digit numbers


2 digit and 3 digit numbers

Here is an example with a range of resources, working on making 2 digit numbers and then moving onto 3 digit numbers. (Make sure you are consistent with 2 digits before moving onto 3 digit numbers. If you are just starting on 2 digit numbers, I would start with 11-19).


Video: 2 digit and 3 digit numbers

Resources: Tens and ones board



1/10 more/less hundred square

This activity introduces the pattern of one more/one less and 10 more/10 less. If aims to help the children become quick at knowing these number facts (for work on understanding the process and value – see 1/10 more/less value below).


Video: 1/10 more/less hundred square

Resources: 1 and 10 more and less board, numeral cards & 1 10 more less cards



1/10 more/less value

This builds on the activity above.  Now rather than just knowing the pattern we are working on the essential skill of understanding what it means to add/takeaway 1/10 (demonstrated with a range of resources).


Video: 1/10 more/less value

Resources: 1 10 more less cards, tens and ones board & 1 10 100 1000 more less cards



1/10/100 more/less

This is an extension of the activity above, working on 3 digit numbers and adding/taking away 100.


Video: 1/10/100 more/less

Resources: hundred tens and ones board & 1 10 100 1000 more less cards







This activity was a practical ‘snack shop’ activity that one of the team came up with to support their daughter in home learning. Here we are working on understanding the value of coins and using this knowledge to make bigger amounts.


Video: Money



10 times table example

Whilst this activity does not involve money we have left it here as a useful step before linking to money in the next clip (times table and money).


Video: 10 times table example



Times tables and money

Here we are making that link and generalising times table knowledge into the money activity.


Video: Times tables and money





1 hour earlier/later

This activity is demonstrating adding 1 hour and/or taking away 1 hour from a given time. Time is a tricky concept and therefore it is worth spending lots of time practising reading clocks and drawing the hands on the clock for a given time before moving on to adding/taking away time.


Video: 1 hour earlier/later

Resources: Clock & word cards later and earlier 



Adding time on the clock (5 min intervals)

Similarly to the activity above, this activity works on adding and taking away time but this time just in periods of 5 minutes. The first activity builds on one more/less knowledge whereas this is more complex and benefits from knowledge of the five times table.


Video: Adding time on the clock (5 min intervals)

Resources: Clock, word cards later and earlier & time desk mat



Adding and taking away time on the clock (5 min intervals)

Finally, this activity goes a step further than the activity above, altering the start time which increases the difficulty as well as working on adding and taking away time. You can of course break this down into as many smaller steps as you need (e.g. start with just adding 5 mins onto a different start time)


Video: Adding and taking away time on the clock (5 min intervals)

Resources: Clock, word cards later and earlier & time desk mat




All of the resouces for all of the actvities can also be found is this folder: Resources


Click here to access all of the literacy videos and resources.



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