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Pre-School Support

Nursery Support Service


LETS Go! Nursery Support provides specialist outreach support into pre-school settings including children with Down syndrome. The outreach service provides advice and information on the child’s development as well as inclusion support to pre-school staff and parents.  The service includes observation of the child in the pre-school setting focussing on communication and social interaction, development of play and cognitive skills as well as behaviour strategies and management. The specialist advisor will model activities to promote development across a range of areas including speech and language, early literacy and numeracy, fine motor and play skills.




The nursery support service is offered as a one day consultancy or an annual ongoing service. We provide our nursery service privately to schools and families as well as delivering nursery outreach services organised and funded by charities and local support groups.


Read more about our Nursery Support Service by clicking here.


Early Development Groups


LETS Go! Early Development Groups are for children with Down syndrome from birth through the pre-school years.  These groups cover a range of areas depending on the child’s profile of needs. Early Development Groups can be set up by local support groups or small groups of families who have children of a similar age. The format of the groups is flexible to meet the needs of the families and children involved.





We offer Early Development Groups to pre-school children with Down syndrome from 4 months-the start of primary school. The service is divided into two age groups, 4 month-18 months and 18 months-4 years.


4 months-18 months:


These groups for the younger children, consist of up to 5 families with the session lasting an hour.   The session includes support and information for parents and each session includes activities for parents to practice with their child to support and promote development.  In addition, the group includes information on the needs of children with Down syndrome and the support, services and checks they should be receiving.


18 months-4 years:


The group sessions last one hour with a maximum of 4 children in each group. The group consists of targets across the range of development including; communication, speech, receptive vocabulary and language, expressive vocabulary and language, number, memory, reading, play and cognition. These targets will be demonstrated for families to practice with their child to promote new skills and development.


Read more about our Early Development Groups by clicking here



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