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DSEI Programmes: See & Learn and

The Reading & Language Intervention


See and Learn is developed by Down Syndrome Education International to promote a range of skills in children with Down syndrome. There are currently 3 strands: See and Learn Vocabulary and Language; See and Learn Speech; and See and Learn Number. These programmes are available in hard copy or as apps. These workshops are designed to offer a step by step guide to these programmes – each session can be delivered as a single half day session or 2-3 sessions can be run as a whole day.













See and Learn Speech


This workshop provides an overview on the speech development of children with Down syndrome and the theory behind the development of See and Learn Speech.  The session will cover the first 5 steps in See and Learn Speech which is designed to teach young children to hear and produce speech sounds (phonemes), to hear the differences between sounds (discrimination), to develop their speech sound system (phonology), and to produce clear speech.













See and Learn Language and Reading


This workshop focusses on how to use the See and Learn Language and Reading Programme to support vocabulary learning and promote language development in the early years.  The session discusses the importance of selecting vocabulary for understanding and production, combining words in simple phrases/sentences, keeping track of progress and the benefits of the use of print.  















See and Learn Number


This workshop covers the importance of supporting early number vocabulary knowledge as well as developing an understanding of early number. The session covers activities learning to count, linking numbers to quantity, understanding important concepts about the number system and early calculating with numbers up to 10. During the workshop we will cover the resources, activities and record keeping to ensure consolidation and when to move on.













The Reading and Language Intervention


The Reading and Language Intervention for Children with Down Syndrome (RLI) is an evidence-based programme designed to teach reading and language skills to children with Down syndrome. RLI incorporates best practice in structured activities delivered in fast-paced daily teaching sessions. It was evaluated in a randomised controlled trial and found to improve rates of progress compared to ordinary teaching.


This 2 day training course is offered to support schools and parents through the RLI programme. It can be run as 2 days back to back but it is recommended to be delivered as 2 days separated by 2-4 weeks. The first day runs thought the assessment battery and reading strand including target setting, daily plans and record keeping. The second day runs though the language strand including vocabulary targets, expanding depth of knowledge and how to use this vocabulary in the spoken and written form. Delivery with time between the two training days allows for staff to carryout assessment and bring results to the second session to review findings and support planning.

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