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Qualifications and Role:


Millie began her career working with children in 2001 and has worked with children aged 0-8 years. She studied teaching at Chichester with a specialism in Early Development and completed a research project on how grief and trauma affect young children.


In 2001 Millie began her career in education, working in a pre-school where she later became Senior Nursery Practitioner. Here she developed her skills in managing a small team of staff alongside the nursery owner and became a skilled nursery practitioner working with ages 0-4years with specific focus on age 3-4years.


She began teaching in 2007 and was promoted to Early Years Foundation Stage lead the following year.  In this role she was involved in developing and implementing new initiatives across the school for PSHE.


Since 2007 Millie has worked in a range of inner-city schools and has worked her way up to the Senior Leadership Team including roles as Phonics Advisor, Department lead and SENCo. Within these roles she has mentored newly qualified teachers, lead community engagement projects and been responsible for all children with SEND, including day to day management as well as liaison and working with outside agencies.


Millie started working with LETS Go! at the end of 2018 and she currently delivers our specialist outreach services, supporting children with Down syndrome in mainstream nurseries and schools. Millie also delivers our Early Development Groups for pre-school children with Down syndrome.



Practical experience:


Millie has taught across the Early Years age band working in a range of roles from nursery to Year 2. She has a breadth of knowledge from her role as class teacher in assessment and support for all pupils, preparing and differentiating lessons to include children with a range of needs.


Millie has experience of liaising with parents, outside agencies and has presented to audiences of parents and teachers. She has delivered sessions for parents on how to support their children at home and coached teachers as part of their CPD, with a focus on behaviour and behaviour for learning.


In her role as SENCo, Millie has first hand knowledge of the Education, Health and Care Plan process, completing statutory paperwork to a high standard with relation to each individual pupil.  


Millie started working with LETS Go! when she was supporting a child with Down syndrome in her Reception class. Millie attended Down syndrome specific training in this role. She then put into place appropriate differentiation and strategies to ensure successful inclusion  in her class and within school as a whole. In this role she developed a good understanding of how to support and challenge pupils with Down syndrome.


She continues to work in a mainstream school bringing her knowledge of beneficial inclusive strategies to ensure successful inclusion for all children and achievement. She provides support to teachers to ensure that provision and expectations are high for all pupils.







Additional training

  • 2007 - QTS status

  • 2007 - 2:1 in Primary Education with the advanced study of the Early Years

  • 2000 - Level 3 childcare


  • 2020 – Understanding attachement in the Early Years

  • 2020 – Mathematics for children with DS (LETS Go!)

  • 2020 – Reading and children with DS (LETS Go!)

  • 2019 – Clicker Training

  • 2019 – Promoting Boys Writing Project

  • 2019 - Agreement trialling EYFS moderators course

  • 2019 – Effective Education for children with Down syndrome in school, Down Syndrome Education International

  • 2019 - Promoting the development of pre-school children with Down syndrome (Birth to school age) LETS Go!

  • 2018 - Mathematics mastery training

  • 2017 – Every Child A Talker

  • 2017 - Coaching and mentor training

  • 2016 - Communication and behaviour (LETS Go!)

  • 2015 - Makaton course

  • 2015 - Paediatric first aid

  • 2014 - Team teach training

  • 2009 - Communication friendly spaces


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