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LETS Go! deliver evidence based training and workshops for parents and professionals across a range of topics related to Down syndrome ranging from training on successful inclusion and speech, language and communication needs to more practical workshops on topics such as differentiation and behaviour.


LETS Go! also deliver DSEI based training such as See & Learn  and The Reading Intervention Programme. 















We provide training locally, across the UK and worldwide.  


Below, we have provided some information about the intended audience and a brief summary of each session.  We are able provide bespoke training, tailoring the content to individual needs, please contact us with more details of your requirements.


Overview Training


Our overview training is designed to provide a broad basic knowledge of Down syndrome and the impact this may have in the education environment. It is designed for staff working in the relevant settings and for parents to support their child at home.  The topics in this section are; 


  • Promoting the development of pre-school children with Down syndrome (Birth to school age)

  • Whole day training for primary or secondary schools

  • Half day training session for secondary 


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In-Depth Training


Our In-Depth training days offer a more detailed look at some of the topics covered in our general overview training. We cover a review of the evidence and research on this topic and these days include more opportunity for discussion and individual application through interactive workshops.  These in-depth sessions are made up of school aged topics, pre-school topics and Speech & Language.



In-Depth Training - School Aged:


The following sessions are offered for primary or secondary age ranges  


  • Differentiation and assessment for children with Down syndrome

  • Developing literacy skills for school age children with Down syndrome

  • Developing numeracy skills for school age children with Down syndrome


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In-Depth Training - Pre-School Aged:


The following Pre-School training sessions are typically offered as half day sessions or twilight training sessions, however two or three sessions can be combined to create a training day. 


  • Play and Cognition

  • Play and Fine Motor

  • Developing early numeracy skills

  • Encouraging positive social skills and managing challenging behaviour

  • Transition  


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In-Depth Training - Speech & Language:


Typically the Speech & Language training is divided into Pre-School,  3-7years and 7years+. The younger sessions cover activities to promote early speech and language development and activities suitable for this age range. The older session includes activities and resources more appropriate for older children and identifying speech and language targets from current knowledge and error patterns.


Often the Pre-school session is offered as half day course or twilight training session, or you may wish to choose two or three more pre-school topics to a create a full training day.


  • Speech and Language: Pre-School

  • Speech and Language: 3-7 years

  • Speech and Language: 7+years


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DSEI (Down Syndrome Education International) Training



LETS Go! work as consultants for Down Syndrome Education International providing international training and consulting on the development of resources including the See and Learn teaching programmes and the Reading and Language Intervention.  We are able to offer the following training; 


  • See and Learn Speech

  • See and Learn Language and Reading

  • See and Learn Number

  • The Reading and Language Intervention


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In School Peer Workshops and Assemblies:


We can deliver the following sessions in school;


  • Whole class education session on different ways of learning and how to support peers.

  • Class assemblies


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"Very well delivered, clear handouts and lovely style of delivery. You always teach me so much."

"A fantastic insight into children with Down syndrome. I feel more confident now for my new pupil."

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