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LETS Go! training offers courses designed for individuals or groups of individuals (e.g. parents and teachers) who may be working with children who have communication, speech and language difficulties and/or developmental difficulties.











Training courses offered include:


Speech, Language and Communication Training


The training includes an overview of the research on speech, language and communication development.  It focuses on extending early communication strengths and targeting later, more complex communication skills, supporting friendships and interactions.  Strategies to target vocabulary and language understanding and production across the curriculum are included as well as improving speech clarity and intelligibility.  Common difficulties and error patterns will be addressed as well as looking at strategies to encourage motivation and developing engaging activities that will support generalisation.


Inclusion and Differentiation Training:


This training is designed to focus of the key factors for differentiation and ensuring inclusion within the classroom and across the whole school.  It includes developing appropriate targets and incorporating targets and the child’s learning profile when identifying learning objectives and differentiating activities.  It looks at the school team, the various roles and responsibilities of key professionals and the new SEND code of practice: 0-25 years.  It also covers how to measure progress; effective assessment and record keeping.


Down Syndrome Specialist Training:


LETS Go! offers specialists Down syndrome training to parents and professionals across the age range; to families and professionals working in the early years through to pupils and schools up to the secondary level.  The training covers the learning strengths and areas of difficulty associated with having Down syndrome as well as the evidence on successful interventions and learning techniques.  The training available covers a wide range of topics including:


  • Inclusion

  • Differentiation

  • Communication, speech and language

  • Literacy

  • Memory

  • Number

  • Play, cognition and social skills

  • Independence

  • Managing behaviour



Reading & Language Intervention for Children with Down syndrome:


The Reading and Language Intervention for Children with Down Syndrome (RLI) is an evidence-based programme designed to teach reading and language skills to children with Down syndrome. RLI incorporates best practice in structured activities delivered in fast-paced daily teaching sessions. It was evaluated in a randomised controlled trial and found to improve rates of progress compared to ordinary teaching.


See and Learn Training:


See and Learn resources offer practical guidance and activities to help parents, teachers and therapists provide effective early intervention and education for children with Down syndrome and other children with similar learning needs.  The See and Learn programs offer support for early language and reading, speech, number and memory development - providing step-by-step guidance and resources to support learning for children with Down syndrome.




"Very well delivered, clear handouts and lovely style of delivery. You always teach me so much."

"A fantastic insight into children with Down syndrome. I feel more confident now for my new pupil."

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