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LETS Go! training offers courses designed for individuals or groups of individuals (e.g. parents and teachers) who may be working with children who have communication, speech and language difficulties and/or developmental difficulties.











Kelly & Becky have presented Down syndrome training and seminars extensively across the UK and worldwide. These include:



LETS Go! UK international training:


including Down Syndrome New South Wales, Sydney, Australia (March 2017), United Arab Emirates (Dubai, October 2015)


Down Syndrome Education conferences:


(with Down Syndrome Education International, 1999-present).  Most recently Guernsey (September 2016); Australia (Adelaide, August 2015); and the United States (Dallas, September 2015; Maryland, October 2014; New Orleans, September 2014, Newport Beach, January 2014; Kansas, January 2014)


Training for Down syndrome support groups:


including Andover 21 (2017), Down syndrome Cork (2014, 2015, 2016), Stepping Stones (2011-present), Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association (2012-present), Chichester Down Syndrome Support Group (2016), Donegal (2015), PSDS (2015), Seaford Down’s Syndrome and Special Needs Support Group (2012)


Training for schools:


including mainstream (London, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Devon, Essex) and special schools (Newbury, November 2014), and regional education groups (ESC Region 13, Austin, Texas, January 2013).


Training for pre-schools:


including mainstream (London, Hampshire, Surrey)

Consultancy abroad (with Down Syndrome Education International) Pakistan (May 2016) supporting the implementation of inclusion in Pakistan with the team at KDSP (Karachi Down Syndrome Program).  


Seminars for academics:


Institute of Education, University College London, November 2014; Centre for Reading and Language Summer Workshop, University of Oxford, June 2013; University of Portsmouth, 2012.


Seminars for practitioners:


Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (East Anglia Branch), November 2014) Children’s Services Wokingham.


Presentations at research conferences:


Down Syndrome Research Forum, UK (2000 to 2016); International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Melbourne, August 2016;  Gatlinburg Conference on Research and Theory in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Maryland, US, March 2012; Down Syndrome Affiliates in Action, Washington, US, March 2012; World Down Syndrome Congress, Dublin, 2009)


University Lectures:


University College London, (2017, 2016, 2015, 2014); Portsmouth University (2014)


Upcoming training:


Down Syndrome Cork (2017)


Training to date

"Very well delivered, clear handouts and lovely style of delivery. You always teach me so much."

"A fantastic insight into children with Down syndrome. I feel more confident now for my new pupil."

Bex presenting seminar jpg IMG_1204 Pakistan photo

Becky's 2016 training in Pakistan with the team at KDSP (Karachi Down Syndrome Program).