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Qualifications and Research experience


Sarah obtained her degree in Arts in Education at Bretton Hall as well as her PGCE.  She has 18 years of primary teaching experience, specialising in Early Years and Key Stage 1. She has worked with many children with a variety of additional needs within a mainstream setting, and is passionate about successful inclusion.  During her time teaching, she has worked as assessment coordinator, and been acting Deputy Head.


Sarah has been with LETS Go for the last 4 years and provides specialist school outreach support for nursery and school age children and early development groups for pre-school age children.


She is also a mum to two children, one of whom has Down syndrome.




Practical experience



  • Makaton training 2007

  • Supporting early development (birth – 5) (DSA)

  • An introduction to Down syndrome – a general overview (LETS Go)

  • Promoting social strengths and positive behaviour (LETS Go)

  • Down syndrome Research Forum (DESI York 2016)

  • Down syndrome Research Forum (DSEI Hatfield 2017 Speaker)





About Sarah Holton

BA (hons) PGCE

Sarah Holton

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