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Down Syndrome Research Forum - University College Cork

Published; 4th April 2019


There was a full packed programme last week at the Down Syndrome Research Forum: Exploring best practice in speech, language and communication at University College Cork


Becky was invited to be one of the keynote speakers as well as deliver a workshop on her PhD project evaluating a language intervention working on understanding and the use of regular past tense.


The World Café, enabling parents and speech and language therapists to develop priorities in research, was a huge success. 



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52nd Annual Gatlinburg Conference Texas;

Translational Research On Down Syndrome

Published; 6th April 2019


It was great to catch up with everyone at the 52nd Annual Gatlinburg Conference; Translational Research On Down Syndrome hosted by UCLA & UC Davis in Texas.


Thanks to Chris Lemons (Vanderbilt Peabody College) & Sue Buckley (Down Syndrome Education International) for organising the symposium, we were really pleased with the number of people who came to see us and the great feedback and questions at the end.…/g…/pdf/2019-program-booklet.pdf