Language Education Training Speech

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We can deliver the following sessions in school;


Whole class education session on different ways of learning and how to support peers.


This session is suitable for Year 2-Year 6 looking at understanding differences and looking at alternative ways of learning and working together. The session includes practical activities to develop the children’s understanding of what it means to be a friend, how to help your friends and strategies that can be used in the classroom including follow up activities.


Class assemblies


We offer key stage 1 assemblies on understanding similarities and differences, how we all find different things hard and easy to do. This session can be offered as a class assembly or whole school assembly and includes some practical examples of different children’s strengths. Thffered to include an introduction to Down syndrome.

In School Peer Workshops & Assemblies

"Very well delivered, clear handouts and lovely style of delivery. You always teach me so much."

"A fantastic insight into children with Down syndrome. I feel more confident now for my new pupil."

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