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Our Speech & Language training provides an in-depth day on the speech, language & communication needs of children with Down syndrome.  It provides an overview of the research as well as age appropriate targets & practical activities.



Speech and Language: 3-7 years


This course will provide an overview of the research on speech, language and communication development in children with Down syndrome.  Strategies to develop vocabulary and early language understanding and production will be included as well as promoting the early communication strengths of children with Down syndrome.  In addition, activities to develop the speech sound system and improve speech clarity and intelligibility will be covered.  















Speech and Language: 7+ years


The day will include an overview of the research on speech, language and communication development in children with Down syndrome.  It will focus on extending the early communication strengths seen in children with Down syndrome and targeting later, more complex communication skills, supporting friendships and interactions.  Strategies to target vocabulary and language understanding and production across the curriculum will be included as well as improving speech clarity and intelligibility. Common difficulties and error patterns will be addressed as well as looking at strategies to encourage motivation and developing engaging activities that will support generalisation.
















Speech and Language: Pre-School


The Pre-school Speech & Language training day is made up of 3 sessions as outlined below. Alternatively, they can be offered as individual half day or twilight training sessions:


1. Promoting speech development


This training session covers the speech profile of children with Down syndrome and how to promote speech development in the early years.  The session will discuss why children with Down syndrome have difficulties with speech development and the underlying areas of difficulty. We will discuss the importance of starting speech work early and continuing to target through to school, starting with the importance of early listening and discrimination skills. We will cover practical activities to promote early speech skills, target clearer words and their use in connected speech as well as the use of sound cards.


2. Developing vocabulary understanding and expression including the use of sign


This session focuses on the importance of vocabulary learning in the early years and developing this relative strength in children with Down syndrome.  We will discuss selecting appropriate vocabulary targets for understanding and production; choosing targets to support later language development and keeping track of progress.  In addition we will review what is known about the benefits of using sign and how to use sign and other visual supports effectively.



3. Developing language and the value of using print


The session examines early language development and the benefits of the use of print.  We will discuss understanding and following key word phrases and activities to encourage combining words in simple phrases/sentences.  We will also cover an overview of the rationale for using print/words including the reading strengths of children with Down syndrome.  The session covers practical activities on how to develop early reading and using print to promote vocabulary and language including more complex grammatical structures.




In-Depth Training: Speech & Language

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