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Our In-Depth training days offer a more detailed look at some of the topics covered in our general overview training. We cover a review of the evidence and research on this topic and these days include more opportunity for discussion and individual application through interactive workshops.  The following sessions are offered for primary or secondary age ranges


Differentiation and assessment for children with Down syndrome


This training workshop includes information on teaching to the profile of children with Down syndrome and covers the key areas for differentiating literacy, numeracy as well as inclusion across the whole curriculum.  The day will cover how to measure progress, developing effective assessment and ensuring accurate record keeping. Schools are asked to bring examples of planning to facilitate practical workshops covering individual planning and differentiation. This session is aimed at schools but it is always helpful to have parents’ expert knowledge in supporting schools and differentiating homework.


Developing literacy skills for school age children with Down syndrome


This informative day covers what we know about literacy in children with Down syndrome and how best to support reading development.  It includes practical ideas and examples for teaching literacy including examples of teaching activities, suggestions for resources, guidance on tailoring teaching to individual levels of ability and strengths/weaknesses.  In addition it looks at assessing current skills, progress monitoring and ensuring continued progress as well as discussing common areas of difficulty and providing strategies for dealing with these including motivation issues, difficulties with writing, phonics and comprehension


Developing numeracy skills for school age children with Down syndrome


This practical training day includes the development of numeracy skills in children with Down syndrome and reviews the profile of strengths and difficulties in relation to numeracy.  It covers strategies and activities to develop and review number skills as well as the functional use of number skills in everyday activities.  The day will review Numicon which is designed to develop the understanding of number ideas and number relationships that are essential for success in maths as well as setting and measuring appropriate targets.  


In-Depth Training: School Aged

"Very well delivered, clear handouts and lovely style of delivery. You always teach me so much."

"A fantastic insight into children with Down syndrome. I feel more confident now for my new pupil."

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