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LETS Go! is founded by Rebecca Baxter and offers Speech & Language Therapry and Outreach and Training services to schools supporting children with a variety of speech, language and developmental difficulties. The LETS Go! team includes: Rebecca Baxter, Kelly Burgoyne, Sarah Holton and Michelle Slater.
















Rebecca Baxter - Speech and Language Therapist (CertMRCSLT, BSc (Hons))


Becky Baxter is the founder of LETS Go!.  She previously worked for Down Syndrome Education International and continues to with them on a consultancy basis.  Her experience of working with children with Down syndrome now spans 19 years.


Becky delivers training to educators, speech and language therapists and parents worldwide.  Her training covers a range of topics across the curriculum as well as in-depth behaviour, speech & language and full school inclusion.   Becky is also a registered trainer for the Reading & Language Intervention for children with Down syndrome and guests lectures at University College London.


Her team of specialist advisory teachers work with parents, professionals and organisations supporting children with Down syndrome.  Becky also has a Master’s degree in Language and Communication impairments in Children through Sheffield University.  Becky is currently completing a PhD at University College London.  Becky’s research area is developing and evaluating the effectiveness of a language intervention using print for children with Down syndrome. Read more information on Becky's experience and qualifications and about her intervention project.



Dr Kelly Burgoyne - (CPsychol, PhD, BSc (Hons)


Kelly is a research psychologist who specialises in reading and language development.  Since 2009 Kelly has focused her work on the reading and language skills of children with Down syndrome and she played a significant role in developing and evaluating the new Reading and language Intervention for children with Down syndrome (published by DSEI).  As part of this work, Kelly trained and supported a large number of schools across the south and gained significant experience working with a wide range of children, families and schools.


Kelly provides assessments, training and support for reading and language development for school age children with Down syndrome.  She also provides training on a wide range of educational issues for children of all ages. Read more about Kelly's experience and qualifications.



Sarah Holton - Inclusion Advisory Teacher - BA (hons) PGCE


Sarah obtained her degree in Arts in Education at Bretton Hall as well as her PGCE.  She has 18 years of primary teaching experience, specialising in Early Years and Key Stage 1. She has worked with many children with a variety of additional needs within a mainstream setting, and is passionate about successful inclusion.  During her time teaching, she has worked as assessment coordinator, and been acting Deputy Head.


Sarah has been with LETS Go for the last 4 years and provides specialist school outreach support for nursery and school age children and early development groups for pre-school age children.


She is also a mum to two children, one of whom has Down syndrome.



Michelle Slater - Administration, accounts & appointments.


Michelle manages the administration duties, accounts, appoinments and website for LETS Go!  She has a background both in management and in the educational arena.


Michelle trained as a Nursery Nurse and worked as an LSA in KS1 for several years during which time she completed a one year Professional & Continuing Education course in Teaching Special Needs at Portsmouth University.  Michelle’s most recent position before joining our team was as General Manager, she is pleased to be using both her office and educational experience in her role with LETS Go!

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