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email: rbaxter@letsgouk.org

Mob: 07712 400966

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RBaxter@LETSGoUK Limited                  

Registered address: The Old Treasury, 7 Kings Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire. PO5 4DJ

Company number: 08911134


LETS Go! offers a


range of services developed

to support children, families

and professionals covering

a  variety of speech, language

and developmental needs.


Language – LETS Go! works with children who have difficulty with receptive and expressive language to develop intervention goals and therapy programmes target these difficulties and support the child's development.


Education - LETS Go! provides support services to families and schools to ensure successful inclusion and development of children with a range of speech, language and educational needs.


Training - LETS Go! delivers evidence based training and workshops for parents and professionals to enable them to meet the needs of children with a variety of speech, language and educational needs.


Speech – LETS Go! identifies specific speech difficulties through formal and informal assessment allowing the development of intervention programmes and targets to focus on supporting a child’s speech clarity and intelligibility. 




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